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There is music – then there is real music! By definition Hi-Fi Sound System or High Fidelity Audio is the output of music sound through high-fidelity equipment and high fi speakers so as to produce an undistorted sound as though you were hearing the original. It is the control through equipment and media producing playback with inaudible noise and distortion at a flat frequency response within the capability of the human hearing range.

Composed of 2-channel audio, your sound is processed through the media player, receiver / amplifiers and out the speakers. True high fidelity audio draws the listener into the experience of being surrounded with sound as though in the presence of the original artistic production. Each note from each instrument, undistorted, engulfs the listener into the experience of the music which is much different than just listening to music.

That is worthy of repeating. High fidelity audio is an experience. When a listener has been in that experience other media just becomes noise.

Home networking setup in a sleek, modern living room featuring high-end speakers and minimalist decor for a stylish entertainment experience.


High fidelity audio systems by design extends outside of the limitations of other media delivery methods. The design functionality is to bypass compressed audio and thereby receiving as much of the original detail as possible from the media source. Conventional media delivery is limited in most cases by the delivery methods themselves. Radio, television, streaming music and video are all subject to the delivery methods, in most cases bandwidth. The concept to using compression makes for a smaller delivery package and smaller use of media resources.  In some cases the media platform itself may be limited as to its ability to hold the reproduced sound recording.

Streaming music and video is the fastest growing media platform to date and its own popularity creates its limitations. Everyone wants the bandwidth. Mix the presentation of this media source with the limited capability of lesser equipment and speakers and it becomes the same problem as trying to amplify an already poor signal.  The result is just louder static!

It is called high fidelity because the focus is on all four parts of the sound reproduction.

Media Source – As mentioned the popular platform today is streaming, but a true music connoisseur is much aware of the delivery quality of a variety of sources. Collectors of phonograph records, compact discs and in some cases uncompressed or lossless digital audio files know the value of their collection and the extremes they go to in order to protect the source material.

Electronic Delivery – The equipment that takes the media and converts it to sound output. If anyone has ever listened to the ancient but once popular transistor radio it can be easily understood that the delivery method is crucial to the sound experience. At Origin HiFi we partner with the most respected brands in the home audio industry. We built those partnerships for one singular purpose. Our purpose, more importantly our passion, is to help you enjoy the music you love. We guide you through your choices of audio components that will provide excellent sound quality and be simple to operate.

Sound Output – Sound output is the way your high fidelity sound is delivered to the listener. What purpose is great media and exceptional components to have the output be limited with low quality speakers. Some choose corded headphones. Though quality sound is delivered, the listener is tethered to the equipment.
At Origin HiFi we are about guiding you through the respected brands of high fidelity speakers. Speakers must meet several criteria in additions to delivering pristine static free and lossless sound.  Your speakers must suit your décor and fit your design taste and budget. We are your ultimate source for High fi speakers to meet all your design requirements. Be sure and see our line of Dali Phantom custom installation speakers.  

Room Resonance - Is often ignored or neglected by the average listener desiring only to have music in the background, but an audiophile knows this is also a component of true sound. The acoustics of a room, or multiple rooms of choice is paramount to your listening pleasure. A true audiophile high fidelity sound system must take into account the reflection of the sound within the environment. Our professional design team will focus on all aspects or your system installation for the creation of the perfect sound environment.

Home networking setup in a minimalist living room, featuring a person relaxing while enjoying a sleek, high-tech entertainment system.


Hi Fidelity Sound compared to Lo-Fi sound is as obvious to the sound audiophile as comparing a drink of vinegar to fine wine. It is the presence of perfect steak flavor as opposed to fried artificial ingredient hamburger. 2-Channel Audio engulfs the listener as though sitting in the middle of the band or being on stage with the performers. It is the presence of all things pure about music in itself. True high fidelity sound can and will create moods for relaxation, comfort for solitude, harmony for gatherings and even energy for a celebration if desired.

True high fi speakers and components will deliver pristine sound as a soft background all the way up to shaking the windows if this is your day to ‘rock’. It has been said already but high fidelity sound is an experience.

The requirements of the audiophile knows no limit to age, gender, race, occupation nor background. It is the development within the individual of an appreciation for the quality of sound. At Origin HiFi we have the experience and expertise to assist you in meeting your audiophile desires regardless of your music style or taste. We pride ourselves in system design for your budget, with focus on your décor and system environment. It is truly about the love of sound.

We want to guide you on your discovery journey so that your passion for music and sound brings us to a common place. We have critically reviewed our equipment and material sources to be able to offer you the finest quality in a variety of budget ranges and desired results. We will assist you from beginning design to final listening pleasure.  We provide complete systems or will be your source for individual components. We offer high fidelity speakers, several levels of components and even the best cables and wiring components to create your perfect system.

Be sure and visit our Products Page to see just a few of the quality brands we represent with pride. We are here to serve your High Fidelity Audio desires.

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