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Home Theater System

Our custom home theaters, also referred to as home cinema, bring to life movies, sports, and even video games in your home. Imagine a dedicated room equipped with the latest ultra-high resolution video projector or television screen 2-3 times the average size, immersive surround sound speakers, luxurious leather seating, and just the right lighting to set the correct mood. This room will become your entertainment oasis for the whole family.

Surround sound home theaters immerses the viewers in the same experience enjoyed in a big theater but provides a level of comfort and convenience no public theater can offer. Surround sound takes the multi-channel audio used in the recording of the movies and positions it around the room so the sound comes from all angles. Be it the ricochet of the bullets behind you, the impact of the explosion or being surrounded by the pristine sound of the musical as though sitting in the middle of the orchestra; the viewers are wrapped in the experience. All enjoyed while reclining in plush seating with your favorite drink and snack at your hand. There is no curiosity of who sat there last, how sticky the floor is or are you breathing safe air. You control the temperature and can even lounge under your favorite blanket should you so choose. Enjoy multi-channel home theater in your own comfortable environment.

Couple consulting with a designer for a home theater layout

We Make It Easy

Whether you are building a new home or renovating your current one.  Our team of professionals can design the ultimate home cinema systerm from the ground up or utilize your existing space to develop a one-of-a-kind home theater room.

Design and Development: Our initial interview will be a discovery of the client’s requirements and the design space. Considerations will be floor elevations, ceiling layout plan and wall angles along with any special interior design features. The initial structural layout is to design around room acoustics, equipment placement and viewer furniture placement.  A resulting floor and ceiling plan will be provided with component listings.

Equipment Acquisition: We partner with the most respected names in home theater components. All advised components will be coordinated for functionality, room acoustics, viewing angles, aesthetic design and numerous other criteria.  

Furnishing and Trim: We will not only recommend room acoustical treatment but can provide a wide range of acoustically engineered products. Furnishings and trim can include seating and lighting components.

Construction Management: We work in conjunction and alongside your contractor or provide full contractor services. Regardless, we are involved in the project from start to finish to assure correct cable placement and device location. When time for installation, our technical staff will place and connect all components with attention to placement and cable pathways.

Programming and Calibration: Our highly trained technical staff will tune and calibrate your equipment for the finest in listening and viewing pleasure. Integrative programming of equipment puts simple control in your hands without the concern for an electronics degree for operation. Through programming your entertainment experience can be as simple as hitting ‘play’. Lights can dim, shades close, screens open, projectors drop into place, sound system activated and more, all through a single programmed control source for your convenience.

Benefits of a Multi-Channel Home Cinema

Never before in our history has there been more attention to the environment we are putting ourselves and our family in. Whether the concern be life safety or health issues, having a hometheater solves concerns created about the public while adding a level of comfort and enjoyment that cannot be obtained elsewhere. Want to entertain and share with others? Make your room and seating to the size you desire from just family to extended family and friends.

Beyond the unmeasured value of knowing you are providing and enjoying entertainment in your own controlled environment, is it value worth it? Home & Garden reports through resources that home theaters are present in over 80% of high-end homes with obvious focus on room design. In general your home theater investment is thought to provide around a 65% return on your investment as to increased value to your property.

Your investment is obviously based on the size, style and trim equipment you choose to create your ultimate home entertainment experience. But, can you assign a value to knowing your favorite sporting event can be viewed “just down the hall”? Perhaps your joy is timeless musicals, emotional dramas or heart pounding action adventures; all can be available on your schedule.

The great news is Origin HiFi is here as your partner to advise and provide full services from the beginning throughout your entertainment journey. Contact us today to start planning our ultimate viewing experience.

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