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With a Whole-House Audio and Video system your home entertainment rises to a new level of satisfaction. Origin HiFi will assist you in the design and installation of a whole-home audio and/or video system that meets your desires and your budget. Take your entertainment to any or all the areas of your home without the clutter of repeated equipment in every area and the simplicity of room-by-room control.

A Whole House Audio System puts all your selections for music and audio at your control, but from any room of your home. Perhaps you want slow jazz in the living area, while someone else enjoys classical music relaxing in the bath but the kids still get to listen to the latest popular music in their room. Or the choice may be for a background sound throughout the entire home. Whole house audio puts the access to your audio sources on the controller for the individual room. Select from satellite, CD’s, internet, your private music vault, public radio or even your iTunes® selection.

With home wide audio, all the components and receivers are placed in a single equipment location. Each device is connected and programmed through an automation controller. Program selection and volume can then be controlled room by room on an individual controller, or all areas can be controlled from a centrally located master controller.

Your home design and beauty are our equal concern. With the use of in wall or in ceiling mounted speakers, hidden components, discrete wall mounted controller pads everything is blended in or invisible. Of course, if you are the audiophile, include in your system that special room with the most pristine of speaker sound and components for the ultimate in your listening entertainment.

Cabinet containing automation control equipment

Whether it is the big game or your favorite movie, never miss a sound by sending the audio from your viewing source also to all areas of the home. And what about the video? Whole-House-Video to the rescue! In the same manner as the audio, placement of viewing screens in all your desired areas allows the transmission of video to all areas at once.  Of course, like the audio there is always individual room control and selection. Draw your video from streaming services, cable or satellite provider or show movies from your own movie hard-drive vault. All with the ability to distribute or designate as desired and fits your application.

Your viewing screens offer a myriad of choices that include from the smallest to the entire wall of your room. Choices also include projectors, LED viewing screens, tuner sets and more. Screens can be mounted and visible or concealed. We even provide water resistant sets for outdoor living areas.

The benefits of a whole house audio and/or whole house video system are numerous. Not only are you adding to value of your home, but also extending the entertainment pleasure of your entire family.

> Less Clutter - All control equipment, receivers and components are located out of site and in their own closet or container. The only outward devices could be hand-held remotes or small digital wall mount controllers.

> Multi-zone systems - In addition to house-wide and individual room control, our automation controls allow the creation of audio and/or video zones.  Programs of one type playing in the rooms in one selected zone, with different programs showing in yet other created zones.

> Combined Features - Since whole-house audio and whole-house video operate through an automation system, the benefit of combining other automation actions can be included. Movie play can do other features simultaneously like close automated window shades and set mood lighting for the area while locking the doors and even activating the security system.

> Consistent Quality - With a whole-house system, your get equal high-quality video and audio signals transmitted to every room of the home. All programming is the highest quality.

> Ease of Maintenance and Service - Should there be an issue that needs service, or when the time comes you want to upgrade equipment and features having all the components in one centralized location make service and maintenance a breeze.  No need for a technician to have to wander through your entire home when all the control devices are in a single place.

> Minimize Equipment - No longer is there a need for a receiver in every room, a DVD player in every area, a streaming device on every TV; all programming is available system wide but from a single equipment location source.

Family enjoying home video room

And finally, the comfort of knowing the most professional and knowledgeable company is at your service. Origin HiFi has a history in providing the finest in audio and video components for over 20 years. We will assist you in every step of your project from consultation, design, installation, and service if needed. We are your single source for both components and knowledge. Let us help you create your audio and video masterpiece today.

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