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Commercial Audio and Video

In today’s world not only is the use and presence of electronics prevalent, but it is also necessary. Conducting businesses in this era may be a connection down the street or the other side of the world.  The presence of commercial audio and video equipment has risen to a point of expectation touching every area of business. From the presence of inviting background music playing through your location to the ability to conduct training to hundreds of people at the same time around the world, Origin Hifi is your source for solutions. We serve corporations, education, government, health care, houses of worship, broadcasting and more.  Where technology is needed Origin Hifi is the audio and video professionals.

Home networking in action, featuring a video conference in a modern office and a sophisticated bar setup with multiple screens.

An Integral Part of Business

Audio visual equipment is so key to business today that it may be easy to fail to plan in advance for this critical business resource. Preplanning allows for the construction or remodel stage to be supportive of the components that are a part of a business audiovideo system. The use of speakers, microphones, video monitors projectors and more are prevalent in every type of business today.

Some of the areas where commercial audio and video systems play a key role in business:

Sports bars and restaurants – Patrons are provided screens showing sporting events and menus. The planning and installation of wiring, sound systems, strategic mounting of screens, lighting control and programming equipment help create a clean yet fun and interesting environment necessary for an active sport bar and restaurant application. Current trends are also leading to Touch screen displays in restaurants for customer ordering. Origin HiFi is your video products supplier.

Commercial board rooms – Whether it be needing displays for presentations or voice recording and amplification for uniform delivery, audio video equipment gets more done. When it comes to doing business, communication is key. The efficient and influential presentation of your message can be the deciding factor on many occasions. Whether the meeting is to get the board’s support of a company direction, or the room is used to win that highly prestigious client; vivid and dependable equipment is critical.

Retail stores and commercial locations - Video advertising of your service or products creates an eye catching presentation and often time can deliver a message to a potential customer who would not previously have stayed in place to hear a salesperson.. Advertising Displays have become the normal means to create and display eye-catching messages about products and services delivered to your potential customers. The best equipment to product vivid imagery may be the difference between how your products or services make the sale.

Meeting Rooms and Conference Rooms are central locations for any business to stay up with cross communication of business needs and practices. Each of these areas use Cameras, projectors, microphones, and lighting; all of which Origin will help design and provide. Corporations and small business both are now able to provide online training without the expense and necessity of having the employees travel to a single location. A well-designed meeting room or conference room would be an important asset for any location.

Background music and paging playing throughout offices and buildings can set a mood for both personnel and clientele alike. Our design specialist understand the design necessities and equipment requirements to install and create an effective background music system. Many factors including area acoustics, speaker height from floor, spacing and more play a vital role in a correctly designed system. Only trust your design and installation to a professional and experience organization like Origin HiFi

House of Worship with cameras, wireless microphones, soundboards and more to broadcast services both locally and around the world.  In service necessities include video walls for display of scriptures, song lyrics and message supporting imagery. Correctly designed and supplies video projectors, wireless microphones, lighting, and sound acoustics all to make sure the message is delivered and understandable. We are your house of worship audio and video professionals.

Education for lesson display, school wide announcements and special event broadcasts.

Hospitals with areas to include guest services through to the work performed by staff professionals. Every facet from paging to guest directions, announcements, and diagnostic displays of patient scans for doctor and nurses.  

Digital information marketing is a new age offering where companies prepare a training and offer it as the product itself through download or video streaming. Designing the recording area for quality sound and video supports the efficient and successful delivery of the product.

Surveillance and security services inside business locations for staffed guards have long been a part of business, but the need for dependable equipment is even more critical today.  Imagery that allows detailed viewing, multi-screen operation and more all make up the efficiency of successful security surveillance operation.

Regardless of your commercial audio and video need, having the correct partner for your application is key.

Your Commercial Audio and Video Solutions

Origin HiFi through its decades in business has risen to the top as the provider for audio and video equipment in the Austin metroplex and beyond. Having associations with the worlds leading manufacturers of audio and video equipment, we are your source for consultation, design, installation, and maintenance if needed. Regardless of the size of your need we are professionals in creating your audio and video solution.

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