Media Rooms

Modern luxury living room with tall windows, cozy seating, and a sleek fireplace, highlighting the integration of home networking for enhanced comfort and connectivity.

Media Rooms

At Origin HiFi we have all the ingredients to make a media room that you have always dreamed of out of any area of your home! Our team of experienced technicians seamlessly fit in all of your electronics to give you the wire free look that you’ve been longing for.

The difference between media rooms and home theaters is a media room can be set up in any area of your home without having to dedicate a particular room. A Media Room in general can make your living room, family room or your bedroom in to a theater area by adding the viewing screen and appropriate sound equipment to give a full theater type experience. You can make use of not only existing furniture, but make use of the space for daily living and social interaction when it is not a theater event.

Why not spread the enjoyment to other areas of the home as well? Imagine being able to retire in the evening and enjoy your favorite movie or streaming program all while laying comfortably in your bed being enveloped in the sound. But on game day be able to entertain family and friends in the living area with equal quality video and sound bringing the excitement of the game to full life for all. You can even make it easy for you or your guest to refresh drinks and snacks in the kitchen, if it is separate from the living area, by extending sound to that area as well, never missing a moment of the sounds just because you need more ice.

You and your family can enjoy your media room, fit with high definition television and stunning surround sound. Our integrated systems make your media room easy to use as everything can be controlled off a smart phone, tablet, or even your voice.

Modern home media setup with TV and speakers, highlighting the importance of home networking for seamless streaming and connectivity.

Media Room Design

Origin HiFi is your source for all things in reference to your media room and one of those services is design assistance. We will assist you in creating your media space with consideration to necessary design elements.

Room Dimensions: A media room can be fit into almost any living space as mentioned, but there are some considerations to keep in mind depending on the level of resulting experience you want. As a rule of thumb when selecting your media room space is the size of the room. An idea open area of 40’ by 40’ would allow for a wide disbursement and location of speakers and sound. However a minimum space of 20’ by 20’ could also work.

Room Lighting: Next would be to take the features of the room into consideration. Most large living areas have multiple windows which can affect the screen view characteristics. The installation of motorized blackout drapes or shades may be of benefit or if budget does not allow, the simple installation of any type of blackout-style of window treatment would be beneficial.

Wall construction type: This may be a factor in that different types of wall material can be bad for sound quality. Many construction materials and even the type of paint can create an echo effect. If this is a new construction application then the planning can be in the construction phase.  If you are adding a media application into your existing home, there may be the need for some amount of acoustic paneling to eliminate annoying echoes and provide a rich sound environment.

Component placement: Origin HiFi will assist in location placement of components and the resulting equipment rack. This will be the brains of the system and provide functionality to all parts of the media room devices. Location is important because each piece in the system will wire to this central location.

Speaker Placement: Speaker location and placement will be critical in order to offer a full range of audio experience. The speaker type and placement will not only need to be functional, but since your media room will also have other functions in the home, esthetics and design will be an important part of the consideration.

Display Type and Size: The main attraction of the media room theater portion is the display screen, its location in reference to the viewing area, the size and the delivery method. You may choose LED display, especially since the availability of these screens are becoming larger as electronics develop. Or for ultimate size your choice may be projector.  Regardless or your size interest, Origin can provide your needs.

Friends enjoying a game on TV, powered by seamless home networking. Enhance your game day experience with robust connectivity.

Establishing Value           

A properly designed and executed media room will provide hours upon hours of entertainment pleasure for your family and guests. The installation of a media room brings the excitement of movies and sports into the comfort of your own home and safe environment. It is not only an investment in your family, but an investment in the value of your property as well.

The presence of a quality planned and installed media room will add value to your home appraisal and thereby a partial return on your investment. Obviously based on installed equipment and design, as much as a 65% return can be realized. But is it about the money?

There is not value that can be placed on the joy of seeing your family and friends as they laugh at the comedies, yell and cheer the sporting events, or even the emotion of the ‘greatest ever’ love drama. And it is not just on singular occasions, not based on the showing times of theaters and definitely not about find a good seat.  After all, your room is built around your best seat!

And to be assured that this takes place in the most efficient and easy process, your confidence can rest in Origin HiFi’s experience and training.  Whether your media design is for a new construction location or part of an exciting home remodel, we are your Media Room Professionals. 

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