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Origin HiFi Solutions | Outdoor Living Entertainment Systems include Audio and Video systems for the patio, pool areas, or any other outdoor area

Want To Increase the Fun – Take It Outside!!

It’s Texas. We have cool winters, great spring and fall and even though summer can get hot, we can fix that too. In short, every season in Texas is a perfect time to enjoy your outdoor entertainment. Whether it is movies by fireplace in the winter to rocking to your favorite music while jumping in and out of the pool in the summer, we have your solution. Outdoor living spaces have taken on a new personality through advanced new technology designed for the great outdoors. Now may be the time for you to create and enjoy your own outdoor living center.

Gone are the days of hiding the electronics from the elements. Outdoor technology has weather resistant speakers, wiring connections, video monitors and more, all designed to expand your entertainment experience to the outdoors.

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Perhaps one of the greatest areas of outdoor entertainment is the development of outdoor music speaker systems. Imagine being able to move anywhere in your patio area, in your yard and even underwater in the pool and never lose the beauty of music surrounding you. The basic weatherproof speakers can be mounted under porch roofs, in eves and soffits. But outdoor music goes beyond conventional speaker locations with concealed flower bed speakers that are designed to blend into the environment. Low profile projector speakers are set at ground level and out of site, decorative speakers designed to look like stones or rocks can be placed in flowerbeds and foliage; we can put sound almost anywhere. At Origin we can even provide decorative landscape lighting poles that are also concealed speaker systems – your guest may never know where that beautiful sound is coming from. Of course, you want to include the pool speakers. These units put your sounds underwater so again no matter where you go, your entertainment can follow.

But what good is all that sound without being able to see that romantic movie while sitting together in front of the fireplace or cheering your team to victory while frolicking in the pool? At Origin we can design your screens with weather protection from the elements. We can design your monitors and screens that fold or slide out of sight for protection and when not in use. And if you want to go big, projectors for outdoor movies may be your thing. At Origin Hifi we will assist you in designing and implementing your outdoor entertainment area so that it meets all the outdoor living pleasures you may want to enjoy. With our available technology and partnerships with top manufacturers you can enjoy indoor style home theater in an outdoor cinema environment. Any time of day, any time of the year, you can experience the pleasure of your own outdoor entertainment center.

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You will absolutely love the lifestyle enhancement a professionally installed outdoor entertainment system will bring.

Whether new construction, remodeling, or re-landscaping our consultants will start with a design based around your individual layout. Considerations will include what structures if any will be available to use in the design. From this layout, the next step would be where you want sound and/or video. With this information, the equipment selection will include consideration as to how exposed to the elements each component will be, the presence and possible need for sunlight protection, and wiring pathways. There will be the consideration for amplification so that you can achieve a sound level desired but planning so that your outdoor music will not invade the neighbors’ living spaces at the same time. We have partnerships with the foremost leaders in music and video equipment. Whether you are working on a budget or going for audiophile quality sound a video we have the resources to meet your needs and desires. Be sure and see our Products page for brands we represent. At Origin we can provide design and equipment for the DIY’ers, or provide you with complete installation, programming, and service after the install. We are your complete source for outdoor living spaces.

With a home automation system and your lighting control system, having a smart home means the outside can be smart too! Play your favorite music from discreet rock speakers around the pool. Enjoy the big game on your weatherproof TV and entertain guests while you barbeque on your fully connected back porch.

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