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Origin HiFi Solutions | Lighting Control systems for the whole home providing energy management, security, and easy of use

Let there be light! Beautiful automatically controlled light! That is the solution that you will get when you partner with Origin HiFi for your automation needs.  At Origin we not only know sound, but we are your automation and lighting Control professionals. No matter the project size, no matter the stage your lighting project is in, Origin takes it to completion and enjoyment for you.

We will assist you in taking your normal house lighting to a new level of service and convenience. By making your home lighting a part of a digital addressable lighting interface, your lights take on a new level of service. Set the mood for that perfect evening at home. Change the lighting hue for a perfect dinner. Create lighting scenes for entertaining in your home. Or soften lights to the perfect level for home movie night. All of this is possible, and all uses the same lights and smart lighting system.

With a home lighting system, your lights can be controlled where and how you like them. Remote control units offer lighting control without leaving the couch. Lighting apps give you control of your home lighting from your bedroom or anywhere in the world. And with a remote automation controller, lights can be preset, and schedule changed for lights to activate automatically on your desired schedule.

Remote control of lighting

With smart lighting switches and a system controller, lighting control allows convenience, increases security, highlights the beauty of your home, and preserves energy for energy efficiency. As previously mentioned, control of your lights can be from most any place. The convenience of being able to do so and what it offers is almost beyond listing.  It serves the intentional lighting changes that you might want but is also available to turn off the areas that were ‘forgotten’ until you are in some other area.

With automated lighting control, outdoor lighting to enhance and add beauty to your home can be set to be active during the evening but automatically turn off later in the night making it more energy efficient as well as convenient. All the while increasing security around your home.

With security your lighting can be connected to sensors to activate lights by detecting movement and to the alarm itself to trigger lights along with sirens and communication to authorities. In the case of an alarm, flashing home lighting helps lead authorities to your location and creates a deterrent for would be home invaders.

Lighting control technician

How We Do It

Your home lighting will look and operate just like any house lighting would when desired. What creates the automation is the types of switch features which is predesigned based on possible plans and desired outcome. The components of the system are installed as needed to create lighting scenes. Lighting can be controlled by room, by an area or set up to control individual lights. These switches, dimmer switches and controllers operate on a special frequency that can be delivered as subcarriers on your electrical wiring or by wireless signal.

With these special features a smaller system can be initially installed with the potential to expand as time progresses. The ability to expand also helps if your project has an initial budget without limiting what your future desired outcome may be. Origin HiFi will assist in full consultation, design, and installation of your system.

All the components used in our provided system equipment is of the highest technology to date and quality manufactured for a long productive service life. Add to the value of your home and know that your investment is well spent because you are getting the best. If yours is a new construction project starting early for planning purposes would be your greatest advantage. When the planning starts, put Origin HiFi at the beginning of your list.

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